DW PDP Ricky Fitness' The Aquabats! Super Kit! 4-pc Drums - Cyan Blue

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Ricky Fitness' The Aquabats! Super Kit!

Beat-loving beings of the universe: PDP's whiz-bang team of experimental super-scientists and beloved celebrity superhero drummer of The Aquabats!, Ricky Fitness, have emerged from a top-secret underground laboratory deep in the bowels of the Santa Monica Mountains to proudly bring you the world's awesomest kit collaboration!

Whether you're a superhero-drummer-in-training, a time-keeping crackerjack, or a cultured collector of fine rarities - Ricky Fitness' The Aquabats! Super Kit! will not disappoint! Highly portable! Aquabats blue! And an eye-catching Lil' Bat pattern! This shell pack exhibits warm, full tones, courtesy of its all-poplar shells. Low-mass, teardrop mini-turret lugs help to keep them lightweight and travel-friendly. True-Pitch tension rods, telescoping spurs and a variety of other high-end features make The Aquabats! shell pack perfect for any occasion!

This shell pack comes with a 14x16 kick drum, 8x10 tom, 12x13 floor tom and 5x14 snare. Join the fight against evil and sound great while doing it!

Drum Size:

  • 8”x10” Mounted Tom
  • 12”x13” Floor Tom
  • 14”x16” Bass Drum
  • 5”x14” Snare Drum

Finish: The Aquabats Blue Wrap with Lil' Bat Pattern


  • Note: Shell Pack Only. Hardware, Stool and Cymbal not included. Available to add-on with additional cost
  • FREE 1 pair ProMark drumstick
  • Upscale look with an open tone
  • Compact 100% poplar shells exhibit exhibit warm, full tones, classic sound
  • The low-mass, Teardrop Mini-Turret lugs help to make them lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Include DW’s innovative True-Pitch tension rods and a versatile bass drum mount that combines a tom arm with an auxiliary clamp
  • Includes a bass drum lifter to accommodate almost any variety of bass drum pedal

Optional Add-On:

  • PDP 800 Hardware Package:
    • 1 x PDCB810 Boom Cymbal Stand
    • 1 x PDCS810 Straight Cymbal Stand
    • 1 x PDSS810 Snare Stand
    • 1 x PDHH813 Hi-Hat Stand
    • 1 x PDSP810 Single Pedal
  • PDP 700 round stool - Compact and lightweight, features a 12” round padded seat top, carriage bolt height adjustment, double-braced legs, and oversized anti-slip feet.
  • Arborea Hero Cymbal set - includes a 14" hi hat, 16" crash and a 20" ride cymbal. The cymbal is alloy compound with an amazing silver/ platinum like finish.