Acus OneforStrings “Cremona” Acoustic Amp, Wood

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SKU: 05000100
By Acus

ONE FORSTRINGS CREMONA is an amplifier designed for classical instruments such as violin, viola and classical guitar.

This amplifier features TSF technology, a custom audio pre-amplifier, created and designed by Acus' R & D department that characterizes and exalt the sound of lutherie instruments.

ONE FORSTRINGS CREMONA is a 200 Watt bi-amplified amplifier for violin, viola and classical guitar, with an 8” Woofer and the Tweeter compressor.


  • The amplifier features an exclusive high fidelity audio pre-amplifier (based on the TSF system), 3 inputs (Mic-line) complete with Peak Led, 4-band EQ, HFS filter, Effect Send and Volume, Aux input with volume dedicated, Direct Out (with -10dB and PRE / POST) and manual "feedback canceled" filter.
  • The headphone output with dedicated volume control and 4 high-quality effects with Eff Return control complete the multifaceted features of the system.
  • Made in Italy


  • Power Consumption: 220W
  • Frequency Response: 40 Hz -20kHz
  • Max Power Out: 200W
  • System Format: 2 way biamp
  • Woofer Power: 50W
  • Sensivity 1w 1m: 94 dB
  • SPL Max: 116 dB
  • Crossover: Electronic
  • Woofer Size: 8"
  • HF Speaker: dome tweeter
  • Box: 2 way bass reflex:
  • Construction: Plywood
  • Height: 39,5 cm
  • Width: 28,5 cm
  • Depth: 32,5 cm