Schlagwerk 14" Bodhran NeoTrad, Red Brown

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Frame drums with their incredible variety of sounds are amongst the oldest intruments in the world and have numerous faces and cultural backgrounds on every continent.

Schlagwerk Frame Drums natural stand for a completely pure, natural sound. It was about time for the first Schlagwerk Bodhran! Together with Bodhran experts, Schlagwerk has completely reinterpreted this versatile instrument. They combine the huge sound palette of standard drum heads with a clever, tool-free head change and tuning system to create a smart universal drum. The tuning stability of the heads, the comfortable handling and timeless design plus convincing sound make the Schlagwerk Bodhran NeoTrad a versatile percussion instrument. Manufactured to famous Schlagwerk perfection, the Bodhran is equipped with modified Fiberskyn head.


  • Drum skin: modified fiberskyn3 coat
  • Frame: 5-ply beech for optimum weight
  • Diameter: 14"
  • Height: approx. 14 cm
  • Birch bayonet head change system, tuneable
  • Incl. Tipper
  • Finish: Red Brown
  • Made in Germany