Konsert Jualan Hitam 2022 XPDC

25 Mac 2022

Warisan Hall Studio, Sijangkang


Lola rocks with PDP Concept Maple at Konsert Jualan Hitam XPDC 2022 ! Thank you Lola for sharing the pictures and thanks to Joy Oren for the impressive drum setup too ! 



Take a look at what Lola used in Konsert Jualan Hitam XPDC 2022 :

- pdp Concept Maple drums 10-12-13-16-22BD
- pdp Black Wax 10" Snare
- DW 9002 Double Pedal
- DW 7"x13" Collector's Series All-Maple Snare
- Evans EC2S Tom Heads
- Evans EC2 Rev Dot Snare Head
- Evans EMAD2 Bass Drum Head
- Promark TXR5A Raw Hickory 5A drumstick
- Promark R5AAG Rebound 5A ActiveGrip

Thank you for choosing PDP Drums !