Promo video by Batteryheadz - Ludwig marching drums, Evans and ProMark at JS Music

Listen to Batteryheadz trying out the new Ludwig Performance Series Carbon Fiber 14" high tension snare, together with Ludwig Ultimate Snare drum at JS Music! What's more? Evans marching drumheads and Promark marching sticks - bring out the best of your playing!


In this video, Batteryheadz is using:

Ludwig Performance Series 14" x 12" Carbon Fiber Marching Snare Drum  

Ludwig Ultimate 14" x 12" Marching Snare Drum

Evans Marching Drumheads

Promark drumsticks

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Special thanks to  @Batteryheadz Entertainment  
Video produced by :  @Batteryheadz Entertainment  




October 25, 2022