Wenger Corporation provides innovative, high-quality products and solutions for music and theatre education, performing arts venues and athletic programs. Being the leader in acoustic solutions for rehearsal and performance spaces, together with the 60-year of experience in making acoustic shells, Wenger intoduced Diva Full Stage Acoustical Shells for any performance space requiring an acoustical enhancement. 

Wenger Diva acoustic panels offer beautiful, full-stage acoustics for optimum on-stage sound and excellent sound projection to the audience. It is a beautiful centerpiece for stage that is engineered to last for years and years. Diva is also incredibly easy to use, so you can use it more often. No other acoustical shell gives you so much long-term value.


 Some of the venues around the world which are using Wenger Diva shells :

Teatro Del Canal Madrid, Spain                 
Parkstad Limburg Theater, Heerlen, Netherlands 
 Sha Tin Town Halls, Hong Kong, China
National Theatre, Seoul, South Korea 

Istana Budaya, as a leading music theatre / performing hall in Malaysia, has been keen to further improve the acoustic aspect by upgrading the hall with Wenger Diva acoustic shells.

This project started in 2019 with Site Measurement done by Wenger engineer. Wenger Diva shells are custom made products that requirement precise site measurement, in order to fit perfectly to the performance space. Wenger also offers a wide range of color options for the acousticl shells, which allow the shells to blend nicely to the existing facade. The final design of the acoustic shells is also based on specific requirements from Istana Budaya. 



Wenger Diva acoustical shells are portable, easy to install and/or remove from the bars, and put aside for storage.

The Acoustic ceiling panels have been successfully installed and demonstrated. The next step is to complete the acoustic towers in order to achieve the maximum benefits of Diva. 

We wish to express highest appreciation and thank you to the great team from Istana Budaya! 


Thank you to the Wenger installation team from INTE too - Mr Hashem and Mr Baha for assisting in this installation and training at Istana Budaya. 


To find out more on Wenger Diva Acoustic Shell or other Wenger Acoustic Solutions, please contact us. 

March 21, 2022

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