Thank you Abg Jojet for sharing the post. We hope you like it - the PDP Concept Series Black Wax snare drums. So, let's talk about the Black Wax series snares today. 


The PDP Concept Series Black Wax snare is one of our best sellers. The sound is outstanding. The price is unbelievable. Simply put this - Pro level quality for affordable level price.


PDP Black Wax snares feature a unique matte black finish over a 10-ply maple shell. The smooth finish is a hand-applied wax-based sealer which gives this collection a deceivingly understated look.

The 10-ply design gives the shell a voice with articulate attack, while the maple pulls it together to offer the warm, full sound and volume expected from a good snare. True Pitch tension rods fitted in brass inserts, DW Tuning Sequence heads, and the DW Mag drop-style throw-off complete this gig-ready addition to any collection. 



Check out My JS TV Youtube Channel for Zahid Ahmad video --> that's the PDP Black Wax 6"x12" snare drum rocking:



PDP's Black Wax snare drums are available as below sizes:

  • 5.5"x13" with crispness that really pops
  • 5.5"x14" with classic snare sound
  • 6"x10" with versatile sound for any style and genre
  • 6x"12" with stout, beefy sound
  • 6.5"x14" with deep lows but some pop too
  • 7"x13" with the ability to rumble with the best of them

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Tips: These snares are selling fast, so grab one before they are gone! 


March 21, 2022
Tags: PDP Drums

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