Conn CAS211 Alto Saxophone

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The Conn CAS211 is carefully crafted with the beginning student in mind. The neck, tone hole system, and bore design provide superb intonation and ease of flexibility with a post to body construction to facilitate quick response without sacrificing the iconic Conn sound. With a range to high F♯, the CAS211 saxophone features power-forged single-arm keys and the recognizable Selmer tri-point bell brace to ensure consistent and reliable seating of the newly implemented, acoustically enhancing Pisoni leather pads.

• Brass body and keys
• Gold lacquered finish
• Acoustic neck
• High F#-key
• C#/Bb-connected table key
• Adjustable metal thumb hook
• PISONI pads
• USA mouthpiece with ligature and cap
• Light weight case with rucksack assembly