Sabian 10" AA Compression Stax

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By Sabian

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As with the Compression Hats, the top and bottom of this pairing feature hole patterns to enhance the sound.  The bottom cymbal is thin, un-lathed and flat, with 6 one-inch holes.  The top is slightly smaller than the bottom, has 6 rows of Aero holes and is medium thin.  The smaller top creates a tight fit, and the holes project a quick attack, emulating an electronic “clap”.  Overall, they are darker and lower-pitched than many of the stacking combinations popular today.  A special process gives them their unique finish.

Made in Canada.


  • AAX Series
  • Size: 11"
  • Type: Splash Cymbal
  • Metal: B20
  • Style: Modern
  • Sound: Bright
  • Weight: Extra-Thin
  • Finish: Brilliant