Sabian 16" HHX Concept Crash Cymbal

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SKU: 116XBF6
By Sabian

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The 16” HHX Concept Crash was developed in SABIAN"s infamous "Area 51".  Based on a modern cymbal design, this limited run model is shaped using a unique HHX hammer peen that creates a quick- thin response with a touch of fierceness. The deep hammering pattern allows the attack to get in and out with limited sustain.  This model is ideal for all musical settings. "Area 51" is the section of the SABIAN factory where all new and unique instrument ideas are born.  It's here, where prototypes become new models. 


  • Hand Hammered in Canada
  • Modern cymbal design
  • Quick response with a touch of fierceness
  • Great attack with a short sustain
  • Suitable for all musical settings