DW 9908CR Bass Drum Lifter, Chrome

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Lifter for smaller sized bass drums. Generally used for bass drums 18 "and smaller.

The DW Bass Drum Lifter is a quick and easy tool to get more low end resonance from your kick drum. Bass drum lifters let the drum resonate more freely, allowing the low end to really come through. This is especially important in smaller kick drums, hence this models inherent usefulness live or in the studio. Universally adjustable, this lifter fits all kick drums 18'' or smaller, giving you quick and easy tonal change to fill out your sound to its maximum potential.

The riser lets you hit the centre of your drum without adjusting your pedal preferences, helping produce a solid thud and attack with no change to your playing technique.


  • Allows drum to be lifted at the correct height for pedal beater contact
  • Bass drum lifter allows the drum to resonate more, creating more low end
  • Suitable for bass drums 18'' or smaller
  • Universally adjustable, ideal for the modern drummer
  • Chrome finish
  • Easily removable for easy storage