DW USA Collector's All-Maple 6.5"x14" Snare Drum, Satin Oil Natural, Chrome Hardware

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DW Snare drums are some of the most recorded and toured with snare drums in the world!

The Collector's Series is DW's flagship line of custom drums. The Collector’s Series Maple snare is crafted from only the finest hand-selected North American Maple and customized in any California Custom Shop finish and drum hardware color option. Each 10-ply drum is fitted with a 6-ply reinforcement hoop and 60-degree bearing edge for optimal resonance and attack. A lacquered interior adds brightness to a snare with a full tonal spectrum and plenty of body. The Collector’s Series Maple is the definitive workhorse wood snare drum to own.

DW Collector's Series: drums don't get any better than this! Get your DW snare today!


  • Hand-crafted in DW's USA California Custom Shop
  • 10-ply all-Maple shells with 6-ply top and bottom reinforcing hoops. 
  • Guaranteed precision bearing edges and Stainless Steel TruePitch® tension rods as well as True-Tone® Snare Wires
  • Chrome lugs and 3.0mm True Hoop™ counter hoops. 
  • Mag throw-off and 3-Position butt plate
  • Coated batter heads (with tuning sequence numbering) and Clear snare side resonant heads

      Finish: Satin Oil Natural with Chrome Hardware


      • Size: 6.5" x 14"
      • Shell Material: Maple
      • Shell Construction: 10-Ply
      • Bearing Edge: 60°
      • Reinforcement Ring: Yes
      • Hardware material: Chrome
      • Throw-off: DW MAG
      • Heads: DW Heads 
      • Made in USA