DW USA Performance Series 6-piece Shell Pack - Bermuda Sparkle

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The Performance Series DW shell pack made in USA!

The Performance Series is handcrafted with North American Maple by DW in the California Custom Shop. These custom-quality drums feature 100% North American Maple shells for inspiring tone provides versatility across musical genres and shines in both live and studio environments.

The shells of this series are constructed with HVX' (horizontal-vertical-diagonal) SSC grain orientation for a low fundamental with punchy attack and classic warm tone. The tom and bass drum shells feature eight plies of North American Hard Rock Maple with 45- and 60-degree back cut bearing edges, while snare drums feature 10 plies with a 45-degree back cut edge.

This series offers similar hardware features to the Collector's Series, including Suspended Tom Mounts (STM), quarter-sized turret lugs, and triple-flange graduated counter hoops. Performance Series bass drums offer matching Maple hoops and low-mass claw hooks, while all drums are equipped with TruePitch tuning tension rods.

** Shell Pack only. Hardware and Cymbals not included **


  • Shell Pack only, hand-crafted and hand-sprayed finished in DW California factory, USA
  • FREE a pair of ProMark drumsticks
  • Note: Hardware and Cymbals not included
  • Shell: US-built, handcrafted HVX hard rock North American maple shells - deliver a low, punchy fundamental, with ample resonance and projection
  • Quarter Turret lugs are sleek and recognizable
  • Chrome Standard Triple Flange Hoops
  • DW’s patented STM™ (suspension tom mount) system
  • DW MAG Snare Throw-off System
  • Fine-threaded True-Pitch tension rods enhance tuning accuracy
  • Finish: FinishPly Bermuda Sparkle  with Chrome Hardware

** Shell Pack only. Hardware and Cymbals not included **

Drum Size:

  • 8"x10" rack tom (tom mount included)
  • 9"x12" rack tom (tom mount included)
  • 12"x14" floor tom with legs
  • 14"x16" floor tom with legs
  • 18"x22" bass drum
  • 6.5"x14" snare drum

Important note:

** Shell Pack only. Hardware and Cymbals not included **