Ernie Ball Flatwound 11-48 Power Slinky Electric Guitar Strings

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SKU: P02590

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Gauges .011, .014, .018p, .028, .038, .048

Ernie Ball Slinky Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings combine the classic, roundwound Slinky tone, and effortless playability you love, with the beautifully smooth texture and reduced finger noise of a traditional flatwound. Wound with a patented cobalt alloy ribbon, the result is a set of strings perfect for any player looking to add an entirely new enhancement to their sonic arsenal.


Patented Cobalt alloy ribbon wrap wire is precisely polished to provide the smoothest possible feel with the least amount of finger noise.

By using our Cobalt alloy ribbon wire we are able to preserve that classic Slinky tone.

A plain G string along with lighter gauge combinations allow for easy bending and soloing compared to traditional flatwound strings.