Evans Hydraulic Blue Coated 14" Snare Drumhead

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By Evans

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Evans Hydraulic snare batter heads give you the fat, deep, short sound pioneered by rock and roll drummers in the 1970s. Made with a thin layer of oil between two plies of 7 mil film (6.5mil & 7.5mil for Hydraulic Black), these frost coated heads not only suppress unwanted overtones, but are also famously easy to tune. Hydraulics have a defined attack, short sustain, and dark tonal character—plus extra durability, texture, and warmth thanks to Evans frost coating. This coated drumhead features Level 360 Technology and is available in red, blue, and black.


  • Ideal for: Rock, Funk
  • Treatment: Frosted Blue
  • Ply: 2
  • Technology: Hydraulic
  • Evans Hydraulic drumheads are the only heads on the market with a thin layer of oil between two plies of film to suppress unwanted overtones.
  • Known for a fat, deep, short sound reminiscent of early rock n roll.
  • Hydraulics’ unique translucent frost coating delivers additional warmth, focus, and depth.
  • All Evans drumheads feature Level 360 Technology to provide ease of tuning, extended pitch range, and optimum quality of sound.
  • All Evans drumheads are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.