LP 1606 6" Potz with Mount

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SKU: LP1606

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Inspired by the found percussion instruments popularized by street musicians, Latin Percussion's RAW Potz provide a rugged and delightfully unrefined yet distinctly musical element you can use to expand the range of your percussion kit or drum set. They're available in three sizes and made from heavy-gauge steel. A welded-on spun steel top provides beautifully melodic resonance, with a percussive character similar to what you might expect from muted agogo bells or high-pitched cowbells.


  • 6"
  • A unique instrument based on found percussion used by street performers
  • Bell-like sound reminiscent of muted agogo bells or high-pitched cowbells
  • Heavy-gauge body topped with a welded-on resonant spun metal top
  • Responds well to sticks, mallets, and even open hands and fingertips
  • Spring-loaded mounting system accommodates rods up to 1/2" in diameter
  • Also available in 8" version