LP Giovanni 8" Cowbell, Orange, Vise Mount

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SKU: LP570G5

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Inspired by the legendary Giovanni Hidalgo, LP developed a set of complimentary bells that are as unique as 'the Master' himself. These American-made, steel bells can be played individually or vise mounted to any rod sized 9.5mm to 12-1/2mm (LP Triple Mount Bracket LP570GMT) to create a wide range of colorful tones. Available in six colorful pitches to help you infuse just the right tone. Includes memory locks. 


  • 8" Orange mountable bell
  • One-piece steel construction
  • Playable individually or mounted
  • Patented Vise Mount with memory lock fits rods from 9.5mm to 12-1/2mm
  • Made in the U.S.A.