Promark System Blue DV3 Diversity Series Marimba Mallets - Medium Hard

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By ProMark

The Promark System Blue Diversity Series DV3 Medium-Hard Marimba mallets are an ideal choice if you're looking for a mallet for the mid to high range of the instrument. These mallets are constructed with an oval-shaped synthetic core wrapped in blended wool and nylon yarn.

The mallets in the Diversity Series were designed by the Blue Devils' percussion staff to cater to a variety of players by featuring graduated vibraphone mallets and graduated marimba mallets designed for use on synthetic marimbas as well as rosewood. This line is perfect for indoor or outdoor ensembles seeking clarity, articulation, and a mallet than can hold up to any musical demand while still maintaining a true, fundamental tone from the keyboard.


  • Ideal for : Indoor marching, outdoor marching
  • DV3 mallets speaks well in the mid to high range of the marimba, and have great attack and articulation
  • Designed for use on synthetic marimbas as well as rosewood
  • The nylon-wool blend yarn provides a nice blend, while also being durable for the outside performance demands
  • All Promark mallets are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA at Promark Texas facility to the most stringent quality controls in the industry


  • Length: 16 3/4"
  • Head Size: 1.48 x 1.60"
  • Handle Material: Birch
  • Type: Marimba
  • Hardness: 4