Promark Stephen Creighton Pipe Band Drumstick, White

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By ProMark

The Promark Stephen Creighton drumstick features a gradual taper throughout the entire stick and maple construction for a lightweight feel and excellent rebound when performing on high-tension pipe snares. This drumstick is coated in a white lacquer for a classic feel and high visibility on the pitch.
  • Ideal for : Pipe Band
  • Maple is a very light wood which allows for a large diameter stick without the weight.
  • Large oval tip provides a full sound from pipe drums
  • Painted white finish for high visibility.
  • Gradual taper throughout the drumstick provides a quick rebound from high tension pipe band drums
  • All Promark drumsticks are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA at Promark Texas facility to the most stringent quality controls in the industry
  • Diameter: .755"
  • Length: 15 -15/16"
  • Wood: Maple
  • Tip/Head Material: Wood
  • Finish: White painted
  • Tip Shape: Oval
  • Type: Pipe band sticks