Sabian 10" Chopper

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By Sabian

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Looking for new sounds for your percussion setup? The Sabian Chopper may be a perfect way to add that new voice to your rhythms. Their unique three-layer design offers you incredibly fast white-noise response that works wonderfully for accents and fast rhythms.  If you're hunting for something new, or just need a quick attack for your style of playing, we're excited to offer you this Sabian Chopper.

The SABIAN 10” Chopper is a great effect for playing rhythms and accents in drum and percussion set-ups. A one-of-a-kind instrument, three layers of custom-cut B8 Bronze agitate together to create raw, dirty, funky sounds and deliver super-fast white noise responses. Truly an innovative multi-application percussion effect, it delivers quick, tightly focused accents and rhythms. Comprised of three B8 Bronze discs riveted loosely together – two of which are cut into propeller-like shapes – when it launched in 2007 the Chopper was a totally new playing experience for drummers and percussionists. When played, the three discs agitate each other and produce the uniquely raw sound that proved so popular when it was first unveiled as a prototype on the legendary SABIAN Vault Tour.

Beyond rhythms, accents and white noise effects, the SABIAN Chopper has proven to be an incredibly versatile percussion instrument. Looking for something to replace ghost notes? Look no further. How about an instrument to mimic the sound of an electro-snare? The 10” or 12” Chopper are ideal. You can also use all 2 or 3 of them together for applications implying melodic movement or changes, as the pitch difference between the three models is clearly defined. Or use it as a nice blend to mix into two-handed riding techniques. There really is no limit to what you can achieve sonically with the SABIAN Chopper.

The design and manufacturing process for a SABIAN 10” Chopper is one that could only happen in the SABIAN Vault, where highly-skilled artisans have created some of the most innovative percussion instruments of the past 40 years. The process begins with three solid B8 Bronze disks. The bottom disk undergoes a SABIAN process to give it a unique finish, allowing it to interact with the middle disk in a way that enhances the white noise effect. The heavier-weight, brilliant-finish top disk and the lighter middle disk are then cut into their unique seven-tine shape, bent and properly positioned. Positioning the tines together is key – it’s why they are cut into such a specific shape. Once they are cut, they are hand-assembled with 3 rivets to hold them together with just the perfect amount of tension. “The Chopper looks simple, but in reality it’s a very complex instrument designed to play accents and rhythms with equal effect,” comments SABIAN Master Product Specialist Mark Love. “It does this through a combination of etched surfaces and a special die-cut design that lets the three discs vibrate and agitate together; creating the short burst of white noise that makes the SABIAN 10” Chopper so special. ”

Since its inception in 2007, the SABIAN Chopper has become one of SABIAN’s most popular percussion effects. Almost immediately upon release the choice of Mike Portnoy, Will Calhoun, and Rodney Howard, the Chopper became a go-to effect for Blue Man Group, and can be found on set-ups from players as diverse as Bashiri Johnson, Ray Luzier, Flo Mounier and many, many more. It fits comfortably on stands in any drum or percussion set-up. A Chopper can also add a distinctly different flavor when used in place of an X-hat, or laid on a snare drum to create a funky techno-type slap. 


  • Made in Canada
  • Chopper disc
  • Three layers of custom-cut bronze deliver raw, dirty, funky sounds
  • Create rapidfire bursts of white noise that cut with precision and clarity
  • Produces a multi-application percussion effect
  • Produces a fast, attack-rich "white noise" sound that is more raw and aggressive
  • Exclusive innovation from the SABIAN Vault team
    • Size:10"
    • Type: Percussion Cymbal
    • Metal: B8 Bronze
    • Sound: White Noise
    • Sustain: Short
    • Weight: Medium Heavy
    • Finish: Natural