Sabian 12" Chopper

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By Sabian

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Innovative 3-layer design fits on a cymbal stand, and delivers super-fast white-noise responses, making this a great effect for playing rhythms and accents in drum and percussion set-ups.


  • Made in Canada
  • Chopper disc
  • Three layers of custom-cut bronze deliver raw, dirty, funky sounds
  • Create rapidfire bursts of white noise that cut with precision and clarity
  • Produces a multi-application percussion effect
  • Produces a fast, attack-rich "white noise" sound that is more raw and aggressive
  • Exclusive innovation from the SABIAN Vault team
    • Size:12"
    • Type: Percussion Cymbal
    • Metal: B8 Bronze
    • Sound: White Noise
    • Sustain: Short
    • Weight: Medium Heavy
    • Finish: Natural