Sabian 14" B8X Mini Chinese Cymbal

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SKU: 41416X
By Sabian

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A significant upgrade to Sabian's venerable B8 bronze formulation, B8X hi-hat cymbals are precision formed and lathed, and are treated to additional hammering for a bright, tight sound with crisp stick and pedal response. B8 cymbals always represented serious value, and the B8X Series ups the ante with improved performance at the same wallet-friendly prices.

Each B8X cymbal is hand-lathed by skilled Vault craftsmen, some of whom have lathed well over one million cymbals. Once finished, B8X cymbals end up in the Vault to be hand-tested before getting a final stamp of approval to go to market.


  • Made in Canada
  • Hammered bell
  • Strong hammering
  • Warm and complex sound
  • A smaller, punchier Chinese design for fast, biting accents.
  • Successor of the popular Sabian B8 series


          • B8X Series
          • Size: 14"
          • Type: China Cymbal
          • Metal: B8
          • Style: Focused
          • Sound: Bright
          • Weight: Thin
          • Finish: Natural