Sabian 16" AAX El Sabor Picante Hand Crash

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SKU: 21660XH
By Sabian

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Designed for percussionists to slap by hand, the SABIAN 16" AAX El Sabor Picante Hand Crash is an extra-thin-edged (with medium-weight center), semi-lathed model that simply explodes with bright, dirt-tinged sound. This innovative model features three very distinct playing surfaces -- two for playing with stick, one for playing by hand. The raw, non-hammered bell is ideal for playing the clave. The unlathed, medium-weight center area is a dry ride area. And the lathed, extra thin outer half is highly sensitive, making it ideal for slapping hot, shimmering sounds by hand. Its name--El Sabor ('the Flavor') and Picante ('hot') combine to define its very unique character.

The SABIAN AAX series delivers consistently bright, crisp, clear and cutting responses – AAX is the ultimate Modern Bright sound!


  • Made in Canada
  • Extra-thin edge, medium center, make this model ideal to play by hand
  • Bright sound with a hint of dirt
  • Penetrating definition with total presence and power
  • AAX Series
  • Size: 16"
  • Type: Hand Crash Cymbal
  • Metal: B20
  • Style: Modern
  • Sound: Bright
  • Weight: Medium Center/Extra Thin Edge
  • Finish: Natural