Sabian 22" Artisan Light Ride

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SKU: A2210
By Sabian

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Top-notch, Hand-hammered Light Ride

Working with B20 bronze alloy is not for the faint-hearted. In its natural state, this fusion of 80% copper and 20% tin is brittle, and it often requires extensive reworking and annealing to achieve the desired results. Still, it is workable, and B20 alloy has been used longer than any other bronze alloy to make cymbals with the widest frequency range, from bright and bold to deep and moody. Sabian's Artisan ride cymbals sing with the rich resonance of their B20 alloy, which also talks back with a crisp stick sound. The Artisan light ride produces a sizzling hot, dark tone that Sweetwater drummers love.


  • Hand Hammered in Canada
  • B20 bronze alloy is renowned for its bell tones, wide-ranging voice, and dark, simmering sound
  • High-density hand hammering produces sizzling hot, dark pitches that cut through the mix
  • Thin ride responds with a crisp initial report, followed by a washy, medium-long sustain
  • Artisan Series
  • Size: 22"
  • Type: Ride Cymbal
  • Metal: B20
  • Style: Masterpiece
  • Sound: Dark, Sizzling, Rich
  • Weight: Thin 
  • Finish: Natural