SaxMute Tenor Saxophone Mute

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By SaxMute

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Composed of 3-piece Nylon Foam Tenor Saxophone Mute with Carbon Fiber Stems.

SAXMUTE is a brand new invention that is extremely effective in reducing the sound level of your saxophone. Thanks to Saxmute you can play your instrument without disturbing those around you.

Composed of 3 elements in flexible materials, these three mutes are placed in key parts of the saxophone: in the bell, the neck receiver, and the mouthpiece. Once they're in, they can cut down the volume without disturbing the sound quality. Each one is made from a honeycomb-style nylon foam and held together with carbon fiber stems — they are also washable and can be used over and over again. 

Product Advantage:

  • The manufacturer claims up to 50% of reduction in the noise level: You can notice a reduction upto 50% of the noise level of your instrument, with a very light reserve of the pressure of air, but without disturbing the emission, the accuracy and the homogeneity of the sound of the instrument. SAXMUTE allows you to play of your instrument naturally without causing disturbance to those around you.
  • Work of the airstream: A light reserve of the pressure of air makes it possible for the musician more effectively to work the airstream and the centre of the sound.
  • Materials: Made of a nylon foam of the honeycomb type and carbon fibre stems, SAXMUTE is a very resistant, and washable product. This type of materials has also the advantage of not retaining moisture created by the breath of the musician.


  • 3-piece Tenor saxophone mute
  • Mutes can be placed in the bell, neck receiver, and mouthpiece
  • Reduces noise by up to 50%
  • Made from nylon foam with carbon fiber stems
  • Foam mutes can be washed for repeated uses