Schlagwerk JSR100 Jingle Stick Rapid, Hammered Stainless Steel

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Those who find tambourines too loud and jingle sticks too limited are the players for whom we developed the Jingle Stick Rapid. The well-balanced stick allows for both extremely quick tambourine rhythms and shaker-like accented playing styles. One innovative feature is the simple but creative dampening option, which can be used to quickly dampen each pair of jingles.

Thanks to its hammered stainless steel jingles, the JSR100 produces a rich, beautifully balanced sound without being overpowering. When combined with the dampening options, the Jingle Stick can be used to playfully create rich chick sounds.


  • Stick: walnut
  • Measurements: 35,5 x 4 x 2 cm\Jingle pairs can be damped individually
  • 4 pairs of jingles
  • Jingles made of hammered stainless steel
  • Hand position similar to that of a shaker allows a very controlled playing style
  • Made in Germany