Schlagwerk SJ110M SamJam Guitar Snare, Macassar

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With more than 40 years of Cajon experience, Schlagwerk set out to develop a “snare drum” that was suitable for guitars but with a sound and aesthetic that would allow it to be integrated perfectly into the world of acoustic guitars.

The SamJam guitar snare is a beautifully designed, mountable/removable percussive pad that uses the soundbox from your guitar's body to capture cajon-styled sounds from your tapping, palming, and slapping. Using four small, 100% solvent-free adhesive pads on the back of the SamJam guitar snare, you can easily mount the small percussive pad to your guitar without the worry of damage to its surface. The SamJam can be placed and repositioned in different spots on your acoustic's top as you explore different tonal and rhythmic options. 

"The snare drum for your guitar Attached in seconds – no glue necessary Can be removed at any time without a trace SnareBuzzControl for a controlled snare sound High-quality materials Suitable for all popular classical and acoustic guitars"


  • Easily mountable/removable percussive pad provides endless percussive exploration
  • Solvent-free adhesive points leave zero residue on your guitar's surface
  • SnareBuzz control magnet lets you control tonal response of the guitar snare
  • Great for popular classical and acoustic guitars
  • Made in Germany


  • Playing surface: Macassar design veneer
  • Resonance box: SPL (sonic projection lignum)
  • SnareBuzzControl for adjustable snare sound
  • Measurements: 15,5 x 8 x 1,1 cm
  • Premium components for best sound and best quality
  • Adhesive material 100% Solvent-free
  • Removable without residue
  • Easy to mount
  • Suitable for all common classic and western guitars