Treeworks Tre23 Classic Single-Row 23-Bar Chime with Soft Case

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SKU: Tre23-Md18

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A compact version of the full size Tre35.

For live performance where your sound requires greater strength and resonance; Classic Chimes utilize our T-6 tempered, custom aluminum/ titanium alloy bars. (.375" diameter).

The TRE23 is a compact version of the Tre35 standard large-sized bar chime from TreeWorks Chimes. As TreeWorks' most popular chime, it is considered an industry standard for bar chimes. This instrument is incredibly simple to play and produce lush, beautiful waves of tone with a sweep of your hand. Use your finger to drag along the face of the chime bars just below the hole where the strings are mounted and let one chime gently drop into the next. 

The metal chime bars are made of TreeWorks' exclusive Aluminum/Titanium alloy, comprised of 11 different metals melted together. They are heat treated for 8 hours to create a crystal clear tone, then the bars are polished to a brilliant finish. The unique chromatic-like tuning has been described as ethereal and shimmering. It blends beautifully in all musical settings. The wooden mantle is crafted from solid Tennessee hardwood. The deep color is brought out with a hand-rubbed oil finish that is high-end, yet understated. Each chime bar is hand-tied to the mantle one at a time with super-durable braided CordLoc, which is capable of holding up to fifty pounds.

As you have probably noticed by this point, TreeWorks is serious about the quality of the instruments that they build. This level of craftsmanship has attracted musicians from all walks of life. For example, the top 24 DCI Drum Corps use TreeWorks Chimes, as do professional drummers and percussionists, Broadway shows, churches, universities, recording studios, high school marching and concert bands, elementary school music teachers, music therapists, yoga studios and even sound healers.

 Tre23 Classic Chime Sound Sample



  • THE PERFECT CHIME FOR FIRST-TIME USERS | As the medium version of Treeworks standard single row chime, the TRE23 is an essential addition to the beginning percussionist's setup. Given its medium range, this chime is perfect for mounting on drum kits to provide a little more color to music, making it the perfect chime for quick transitions. A broad sweep from bottom to top produces a brief chorus effect that fills the room. No matter what you need it for, the TRE23 is your best option for achieving a studio-grade chime sound.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA | Each TreeWorks Chimes product is made from Tennessee hardwood and locally sourced aluminum/titanium and is assembled in Treeworks workshop just north of Nashville, TN.
  • HAND-CRAFTED FOR SUPERIOR DURABILITY | Long-lasting braided CordLoc is used to susped our 3/8" thick Aluminum/Titatnium alloy bars on a hand-finished Tennessee hardwood mantle. Each TreeWorks Chimes bar chime features a 7/16" hole in the mantle for mounting on cymbal stands or the unrivaled TRE52 chime mount. Unlike other brands, Treeworks always source materials locally and reject the use of plastic ties to secure the bars to its mantles.
  • BEST FOR | Mounting on drum kit.
  • Compact medium single row 
  • 23 Polished, tempered T6 tone bars for brilliant sound
  • Hand-tied with braided, durable CordLoc cord (no plastic cord)
  • Solid aluminum / titanium alloy
  • Diameter: 3/8 inch (about 9.5 mm)
  • Hand-finished Tennessee Black Walnut Mantle
  • Mantle length: 15-3/8"
  • Incl. Softcase MD18
  • Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

  ** Optional Tre52 Chime Mount available **