Wenger Cellist Chair

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SKU: 0946151
By Wenger

Available for Pre-Order only.

How to Pre-Order?
  • Contact us for best price via email, instant chat, contact form or WhatsApp.
  • We will advise availability, delivery lead time, and types of payment required.
  • Pre-order items usually take 30-90 days for delivery, depending on product types.


A musician chair designed just for cellists

Cellists require a unique playing position that standard chairs cannot accommodate. Wenger's chair has been specially designed to put cellists in the optimal lean-forward position that successfully stabilizes and comfortably supports this trying posture. It is designed to provide comfort throughout even the longest rehearsals.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Designed by Experts – Nobody understands proper music playing posture like Wenger. After all, we’ve been designing and building music chairs since 1946!
  • Specialty – Chairs designed for the specific requirements of specific instruments and musicians.
  • Improved Focus – Musicians can focus more on technique when they are not slouching or adjusting in a poorly-designed chair.
  • Quality Construction – The best-built line of music chairs in the industry are made to last for years.


  • Wenger’s Posture Chair design promotes easier breathing
  • Provides the ideal lean and balance requirements of a cellist
  • Powder coat paint finish for maximum durability. Chrome also available.
  • Fully cushioned seat and back with nonslip upholstered surface for long-lasting comfort
  • Strong, durable 16-gauge steel framing
  • Standard 18-1/2" (470 mm) and 19-1/2" (495 mm) seat-to-floor frame heights. Custom size available too.
  • Made in USA


Matching Move and Store Cart available separately. 

Sizing Chart

Due to the variation in body shapes and sizes, Wenger recommends purchasing a mix of different height chairs in order to accommodate all of your musicians. In most cases, the 80/20 rule applies and classrooms that have a large number of students, should purchase 80% of the mid-range height and 10% of the higher height and 10% of the lower height.